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Bring the outside inside - interior design tips

outside insideNature is beneficial to us in many ways. For many people, being amid nature is a calming and peaceful experience; this is why many of us are trying to bring the outside inside. In this article, we consider some of the ways in which it is possible to make your interior space a place that reflects the tranquillity of the natural world. Not all of us can live in the middle of a serene landscape with awe-inspiring backdrops, but with a few simple changes to your interior design, it is possible to feel closer to nature.

Plants and flowers

The simplest way to bring the outside in is to decorate your home with living plants and/or flowers. This is becoming increasingly popular. Using potted plants and fresh flowers, you can fill in the empty spaces on a shelf or in the corner of the room. Whether you consider yourself much of a gardener or not, potted plants are easily maintained and looked after. Certain types of plants are perfect for the home environment. This is an easy way to literally bring the outside inside, bringing an urban home that little bit closer to nature.


Use colours that are prominent in the natural world to help bring the outside inside. Dark and medium greens can mirror the leafy greens of woodlands and rainforests to help you feel closer to nature. Similarly, use various shades of browns and golds to mimic the earthy colours in our natural world. The various shades of blue are also consistently linked with feelings of peace and commonly associated with the sky or water. You might also choose to use more vibrant colours as accents. Though vibrant colours may feel more artificial, they too have a place in nature when we consider the fruits that grow in the wilderness and exotic animals. Yellows and more neutral tones such as white can also make your home feel fresh and clean.  Use these colours on your walls and décor. 

Wallpapers, fabrics and materials

As suggested, for your walls you could use colours that mimic the outside world. However, there are also specific wallpapers available that are artistically designed to look like the outside world. This might be a daring design idea but when used right, it can look great.

Use natural fibres and textures such as wicker, rattan, and hemp. Using these materials for your furniture and décor will help to make your inside space feel like a peaceful, nature-inspired haven. Using natural materials can also be extended for your flooring. Using natural materials for your flooring, such as wood, cork or bamboo which have a unique texture, will make you feel closer to nature. Where you can, opt to use natural materials over cold mass-manufactured materials.

Natural lighting

One of the most important things you can do if trying to bring the outside inside, is to optimise natural lighting. Sunlight is integral to making your home feel fresh, clean, and spacious. If you’re limited on natural lighting, consider having a skylight built. Though it may be an expensive option, the additional natural light will be rewarding. Natural light is also essential if you intend to furnish your home with house plants.

Please contact us if you would like further interior design advice on bringing the outside inside.

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