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Christmas decorations

Decorating your home at Christmas

Decorating your home at Christmas is an opportunity to let your creative juices flow; it is a way of showing off your own personality. In the past I have gone through different phases including hanging candy canes from the tree, creating a sweet wreath which added sparkle and colour to a wreath and was fun or using lots of fresh foliage as part of your decorations – the choices are endless and it should be fun to do and is a good way to include all of the family.

If you have guests over the Christmas period, then always make sure that they are cosy and warm, people visiting often feel cooler than in their own home, so when adding your displays scatter some festively coloured cushions around on beds and sofas along with extra throws so they can wrap them around themselves. The textures and colours will add to drama of the scene. Materials such as cashmere, wool and faux furs add a cosy feel or use velvet for a more dramatic finish. Colours such as green, deep purples, reds and deep blue’s add a more Christmassy feel.

When it is cosy and warm in my house at Christmas I always burn a candle and have diffusers around the house, my favourite scent at this time of year is my Alpine Winter range, it has a combination of pine forests with hints of log burners, sweet Marzipan Stollen cake & Gluwein. Contains essential oils of Eucalyptus, Fir Needle, Peppermint, Birch tar, Vanilla.

The key part of Christmas is decorating the tree, not only decorating the tree, but picking the right tree is equally important. Once you have established where the tree is going to go, you need to think about whether is going to be long and tall or short and round sized – or any combination of those. It is a very important task in our house; we go armed with a tape measure and look seriously upon the rows of trees to see which is going to be the winning contender, its rather like being a contestant on X factor . Decorating the tree is where your true personality can shine through – do you have lots of decorations that you collect each year to put upon the tree, do you have coloured coordinated decorations, or do you prefer the natural look.

Fairy lights highlight everything and are really the icing on the cake. However, don’t forget to check all the lights work before putting them up, there’s nothing worse that weaving the lights into the tree only to find when you switch them on they don’t work!!! Fairy lights can be used all around the home, and are good for highlighting certain areas; you can wrap them around a mantle-piece or bannisters they also create different atmospheres in different rooms.

Another lovely idea is to fill large vases with baubles; you can even put battery lights in amongst too to give colour and sparkle. I like symmetry so I like to line the vases up evenly in a line. The baubles can reflect your colour theme for the tree thus making everything nicely coordinated. There are so many lovely Christmas accessories around which really are quite unique, so let your creative juices go, mix the old with the new to create your own unique look.

The final touch is the dining table, if you are having guests for dinner, then it is essential to have the table dressed for the occasion. I love crystal and have lots of different sized decanters on the table; I also have a floral centre piece and blend in with my theme. Coloured glasses add drama and glamour to the table, but if on a budget, you could use coloured napkins or napkin holders.

However you spend your Christmas, make sure that you have had fun and your friends and family can see that your designs reflect you and your personality. Let your creativity shine and don’t be afraid to let everyone know what Christmas is about for you.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Many happy returns for the New Year,


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