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Room by room interior design: the bathroom

Bathrooms in the UK often fall victim to poor design because of their small size and their functionality which requires a lot of essential storage. However, there’s no need for a bathroom to look anything less than stunning while still maintaining its practicality.

What to consider when designing a bathroom

Before you even get started on picking out the towels, there are certain considerations you should take into account when planning your redesigned bathroom.

  1. Is it in the right place? If your house is older, from a time before indoor bathrooms were common, your bathroom may well not be in the best place as the first people to install a bathroom may have just plonked it in an unused bedroom or in the old downstairs boiler room. If you feel your bathroom could be better positioned to work for your family, consider re-locating it completely.
  2. Is your bathroom big enough? If you long to have a separate shower and bath, but only have space for a tub with shower over, take a look at whether you can pinch some space from an adjoining room.
  3. Classic or modern? While it can be tempting to go for a super modern bathroom with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, these can and will date. It’s better to stick to a more classic design that will remain timeless. Bear in mind that if you live in a hard water area, glass will begin to show wear after a few years, so classic materials also work better.
  4. Will you still like it in a year? If you like to change your décor fairly regularly, it’s probably best to opt for a simple and elegant bathroom suite that’s not too out there — otherwise it may begin to bore you.
  5. Natural or man-made? Where possible, we believe that natural materials work best in the bathroom, giving you a timeless look and a relaxing atmosphere.

How to decorate your bathroom

Once you’ve designed the space and picked out your sanitary ware, you’ll need to think about how to decorate your new bathroom.

As bathrooms do tend to be small, hidden storage is often a good option as it keeps everything neat and tidy while not taking up much space. Solutions such as under-sink cupboards are a good way to achieve this.

You should also avoid patterns unless your bathroom happens to be large. Patterns tend to create an enclosed feeling so it’s better to stick to plain designs and large tiles in order to minimise the grout lines. Reflective surfaces will also give the illusion of space, as will using lighter colours rather than darker ones.

Good lighting is a must in the bathroom. Not only does it add to the feeling of space, but it’s also practical for when your family uses the bathroom once it’s finished.

Sara Corker Designs has years of experience helping people design their dream bathrooms. Call us today on 01883 742786 or complete our online enquiry form.

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