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Room by room interior design: the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, whether it gets used predominantly by your family, or whether you’re a social butterfly who’s regularly entertaining friends. Even if you don’t cook every single day, people gravitate towards the kitchen as the centre of the home, meaning you should always design your kitchen to make it feel like a welcoming social space, but also a functional room where food is prepared and eaten.

Things to consider when designing your kitchen

Kitchens in the UK are different depending on the style and period of your home, but there are some general things kitchen designers should remember.

  1. If possible, go open plan. This is the best way to ensure your kitchen is a social space with plenty of room for people to chat and eat while food is being prepared. This could be achieved by knocking two existing rooms together or by building an extension if you have the space.
  2. If open plan isn’t a possibility, chances are you will have a smaller square kitchen or a galley style kitchen. In these cases, make sure you have a good sized window to allow in plenty of natural light, and install plenty of lighting to chase away dark corners — particularly underneath wall units.
  3. Opt for light reflective surfaces to make the room appear bigger.
  4. Rather than choosing traditional tiles, opt for splash backs that create a continuation of your counter tops. By not breaking up the space, these create a sense of size, also doing away with the grout lines between tiles which can cause a space to feel smaller.
  5. If your units have a woodgrain, think about the positioning. Horizontal lines will make your kitchen feel longer, while vertical lines will make it seem taller.
  6. As patterns can make room look smaller, avoid hanging utensils on the walls as these will ultimately create a pattern.
  7. If you have a boiler in your kitchen, see if it can be re-sited to the loft or another out-of-the-way room. This will give you more cupboard space and avoid breaking up the kitchen design.

Decorating your kitchen

Many people opt for white kitchens these days as it looks crisp and modern, as well as helping make the room appear bigger. However, this isn’t always the best option — especially if you cook regularly as they may get easily messy.

Instead, consider Mediterranean-inspired tones such as reds, browns, terracottas, peach, golden yellow, apricot and other colours that reflect the smells we find in our kitchens. These create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and reflect the main function of the kitchen. Complementing these tones with green is a great option as it links very strongly to nature and will balance the warm, earthy tones with some coolness. Avoid the temptation to paint the walls green and instead choose green accessories or some homegrown herbs in small planters.

If you are contemplating kitchen interior design, Sara Corker Designs can help. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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