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Dynamo Boxing

Our client owned a busy boxing club and gym, with a thriving, mixed clientele. Professional boxers training for upcoming fights, sportsmen and women, people (including those waiting to join the armed forces) working on general fitness, and others trying to lose weight - all trained side by side in this dynamic, eclectic environment. Training equipment included tractor tyres, beer casks, ladders and climbing walls. This was not a conventional gym! The brief was simple and we loved it – ‘Make it look good.’ Whatever we did, it had to be hardwearing and appealing to users. We took our lead from Dynamo’s ‘we mean business’ vibe and followed this through in the in the decor and design.

Colour was used to create different zones and existing equipment to create functional features throughout the space. Rucksacks, ex-army equipment and boxing gloves rubbed shoulders to create a diverse aesthetic that reflected the past, present and future aspirations of the gym members. The walls were hung with memorabilia, photographs and prints and inspirational graphics were used to motivate all members to achieve their individual goals.


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