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Our clients (with whom we still work) had purchased a new family home in Sevenoaks and wanted help to design and refurbish the interior.

The project began with just two rooms in the house, the first of which was to be a space for the children. We were keen to create an adaptable scheme to suit not only the different ages of the children but also the fact that they were a boy and a girl with different interests, likes and dislikes. The space would be used for games, hobbies, homework, watching TV and hosting sleepovers. The room was located at the top of the house and not in use at the point when the clients asked for our help.

We were able to design a versatile space and incorporate some of the existing furniture. A family moments ‘memory wall’ captured in photographs, the many, treasured times our clients had spent with their children and could be easily added to or the images swapped around.

Exciting fabrics were used for the window treatments, floor level and other cushions. The feature wall was painted purple and rugs added texture and definition to the floor area. Contemporary design, oversized lighting was used to create warm, fun space for the children where they could do homework and relax.

Our second challenge was to redesign the guest bedroom. Our clients wanted to renew all the furniture and replace the bed with something that would provide comfort and extra storage, and be appealing to guests. The final result was a beautiful room with a versatile layout. The bed and headboard were made to fit with the colour scheme of the room and clever use of splashes of vibrant colour in the cushions and soft furnishings brought the room to life.


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