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How to setup a Succesful Interior Design BusinessBe an Interior Designer - eBook

"How to start a successful and profitable interior design business"

Interior design has always been, and always will be, a popular business for creative people to get involved in. Over the years I have met and taught hundreds of budding and very creative potential interior designers with a passion to design, but not so much of a passion to run the business side of things. This is where the business often fails at the first hurdle, due to lack of knowledge on how and what to charge or whether to charge at all. Because of their love for the job, designers often feel embarrassed to ask for money or don’t know how to. Some clients feel that designers shouldn’t be paid for a hobby-like business, and take advantage of our lack of experience in this side of things. I have written this book to help you set up a business that will be profitable from the start. It is something I wish I had been given and it will give you a strong head start on your interior design journey.


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Use this book as your own workbook. You can use the forms for your own business, until you develop your own. You can download and fill in the paperwork, and save it to your files. There are many different ways of doing most things, but I find I don’t like to over-complicate things. I would use the chapters as a guide and follow them through to the end. You will, if you follow the book, understand why you want to set up your business rather than working for someone else. Only you know the reasons why, and we all have different reasons. This will give you more confidence from the outset.